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Bearpaw - Shield Cut - 5" - Barred Feathers

Bearpaw - Shield Cut - 5" - Barred Feathers

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We use only the best quality - real turkey feathers for our Bearpaw natural feathers. Bearpaw feathers are well respected for their precision and quality. They are used by serious archers around the world for building their own arrows. In traditional archery natural feathers are the only way to go! They’re beautiful, resilient, lightweight, and able to guide your arrows for the best, most accurate flight possible.

Bearpaw Natural Feathers - There is no better choice for your traditional arrows!

Feathers in the length of 5 inches are normally used for arrows that will be shot from more powerful bows. They stabilize arrows quickly and reliably. We have used a flatter profile in our Shield shape to perfectly optimize stabilization and arrow speed.

Our feathers with the barred color patterns give your arrow a special „classic“ look and are used by many archers around the world as a way to connect to the history of archery with the classic look and feel barred feathers provide.

  • Shape: Shield
  • Length: 5"
  • Color Pattern: Barred
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