A Big Thank You For Noticing!

A Big Thank You For Noticing!

It has only been a few short weeks since launching Laurel Mountain Outfitters, yet your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! It is inspiring to see how many see the value and importance of supporting small businesses within the sporting goods community as I do. Without appreciating these small companies, the custom call makers, the fly tiers, the bowyers, the gear innovators, the custom rod makers, the knifemakers, etc., our gear options are boiled down to those who care about this quarter's bottom line, not the longevity of our sporting heritage. We can either say goodbye to the heirloom quality equipment you can pass down generations along with the memories it helped to make in favor of cheaply made junk - Or - we can opt to take notice of craftsmanship and the professionals who set the standard as we become proper stewards of the industries we support.

As a way to thank you for noticing, I wanted to draw some attention to one of those innovators and give away one of their products to one of you.

Please watch to learn more.


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