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Arrow Building Kit

Arrow Building Kit

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Laurel Mountain Outfitters was happy to collaborate with Morr Innovations to develop this arrow-building kit to help keep your workbench a bit more organized. 

The kit includes the following:

  • The Arrow Cradle - Holds up to 5 dozen arrows and is the perfect place to stage and store your arrows while components dry as you move on to the next one. No more leaning them in the corner, hoping they don't get knocked over! 
  • The Glue Stand - Keeps the glue in the tip of the bottle, ready for the next fletching. No more shaking it like a polaroid or wasted glue you can not get out.
  • The Arrow Holder - This block keeps your arrow from rolling off the bench as you prep or measure. Excellent for use on the scale when trying to obtain accurate weights.
  • The Component Tray - This 3-compartment MAGNETIC tray will keep your inserts, knocks, points, etc., from rolling away as you construct your arrows. Keep this tray on at your bow press or workbench to wandering screws at bay. 

Some minor assembly is required for the Arrow Cradle and Glue Stand. Instructions included. 

Morr Innovation products are proudly made in Indiana. 

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