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Flu-Flu Arrows

Flu-Flu Arrows

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Flu-Flu arrows are excellent for small game, aerial archery, stump shooting, or any other reason you'd want to limit the distance of your arrow flight. 

  • Hand cap dipped, crested, and sealed by Laurel Mountain Outfitters
  • Made with Gold Tip's Traditional XT Carbon shafts
  • Four fletched with 4" full feathers
  • Sold individually 

Arrows will be cut to length, and install inserts for free. Please specify the arrow length in the checkout comments. If length is not specified, arrows will be shipped full length with loose inserts. 

Arrow shafts are sourced from Mexico but hand-painted and fletched in Pennsylvania. 

Due to the nature of hand-painted cresting, not all arrows will look exactly the same. Arrow performance and finish are not affected by varying cresting appearances.

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