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Gink Floatant

Gink Floatant

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Floatant is another must-have for any dry fly fanatic. A small drop of this worked into the body and hackle before you get your fly wet will work wonders. Even once saturated, a vigorous shaking to get rid of excess water and re-application of floatant, you'll be good as new again. 

From Gink:

Gink® is a liquid emulsifier that permeates deep into the body material of dry flies, and it either coats synthetics or penetrates fur or feather. Upon contact with cold water, it becomes a clear, invisible gel that keeps dry flies or streaking streamers from getting wet.

The product has unique features and functions and has a specific gravity of 0.77%, making it lighter than water. 


Flies, box, and rod not included. 

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