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King Feathers - Shield Cut - 4" - Barred Feathers

King Feathers - Shield Cut - 4" - Barred Feathers

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King Feathers and made from real turkey feathers and made for precision and quality.

King feathers are not only beautiful but they are built to give your arrows the most accurate flight possible.

We stand behind our King feathers and use them to build all our arrows! 

The most common feathers in traditional archery are 4“ feathers. They are the best choice for an optimum balance between arrow guidence and arrow speed. Whether you’re shooting a lighter weight bow or a heavier bow, 4“ feathers are your best choice for consistently accurate flight with a nice flat trajectory. 

Our King Feathers are designed to give you optimized stabilization and arrow speed.

  • Shape: Shield
  • Length: 4"
  • Color : Barred
  • King Feathers - Barred Feathers have the barred pattern on both sides of the feather.


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