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Spanflex Stonefly

Spanflex Stonefly

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Expertly hand tied with premium components by Fly Crafter Flies of Southwestern Pennsylvania. These flies are just a beautiful in person as the ones pictured and deserve a spot in your box.


Sold individually 


From Fly Crafter Flies:

Spanflex Stonefly

The goal for this fly was to try and resemble the profile of a stonefly but also to give it a "buggy" look. The spanflex lower body gives the fly that traditional segmented look while the thorax, made with dubbing, spanflex legs and thin skin spine allows the fly to have a sense of movement in the water and give it that "buggy" look. Available in Brown or Golden color variations.

-Tied on Competition Style Jig hooks
-Size 12 - 3.8mm tungsten bead
-Size 14 - 3.3mm tungsten bead
-Size 16 - 2.8mm tungsten bead

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