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Sulphur Perdigon Fly

Sulphur Perdigon Fly

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Expertly hand tied with premium components by Fly Crafter Flies of Southwestern Pennsylvania. These flies are just a beautiful in person as the ones pictured and deserve a spot in your box.


Sold individually 


From Fly Crafter Flies:

A simple killer! This little fly may seem too simple, but sometimes the most simple flies can be the most effective.

Sulphur's are a very common fly and fishing their hatches can be some of the best fishing an angler can experience. While some areas in the country hold larger populations of these bugs than others, they are still a great pattern to always have in the fly box. This pattern can also be used to resemble any cream colored larva, caddis or midge. Tied with CDL fiber tail, thread body and finished with UV resin.

-Tied on Competition Style Jig hooks

-Size 14 -3.3mm Black Nickel tungsten beads

-Size 16 - 3.3mm Black Nickel tungsten beads

-Size 18 -2.8mm Black Nickel tungsten beads


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