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The Catch All Fly Box

The Catch All Fly Box

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When you plan on encountering and fishing all types of water in one day, this is the box you'll want in your vest or pack.

This box is large enough to carry all the patterns you'll want but not so large that you'll need a frame pack to tote it around. It offers several compartments to keep everything tidy and organized.

  • A shallow section perfect for carrying your nymphs, midges, and small dry flies. 
  • A swing leaf section to store pre-tied dropper rigs saving time and frustration on the water.
  • A deep section for all your streamers and larger flies.

    Made from ABS with slit foam retainers and water-resistant gasket and latch system. 

    Size: 7.5" x 4.5" x 1.75"


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