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The Dirt Diggler Ultralight Trowel

The Dirt Diggler Ultralight Trowel

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Simple, effective, lightweight, and a sweet name...what is not to love about the Dirt Diggler.

Apex Giant's lightweight and high-strength aluminum trowel is an excellent complement to any hiker, backpacker, or hunter's tool kit when afield. The smooth rounded edges do not cut into your hand as other lightweight trowels do, plus it has both wide and narrow business ends to help punch through the different soils you may encounter. Although typically used for latrine duty, these trowels can be put to use in many ways, such as clearing and leveling your bivvy spot or digging a small pool for your water filter.


  • 6.6" long
  • 0.95 ounces
  • High strength aluminum

Apex Giant products are proudly made in Southwest Pennsylvania!


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