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TroutBeads BeadHooks

TroutBeads BeadHooks

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No sense in re-inventing the wheel on this one. These hooks are perfect for running a bead setup. 

25ct per package

From TroutBeads:

"Our BeadHooks are the only hook ever designed, tested, and tweaked to increase your landed fish ratio when fishing the bead. Specifically OUR beads.
As a general guide – for hook vs. bead size, use #12 and #10 hooks for 6mm & 8mm beads. #8 and #6 hooks for 8mm & 10mm beads. #6 & #4 hooks for 10mm & 12mm beads and sizes #4 & #2 hooks for 12mm & 14mm beads. This is only a guide. It is completely your own preference."
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