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Trusted Trout Indicator Leader Plus

Trusted Trout Indicator Leader Plus

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Trusted Trout leaders are hand tied in Ohio.

This leader is Trusted Trout's absolute favorite for swinging, and light nymphing. This 7' long leader eliminates the need for a traditional strike indicator, as it has a 1/2" piece of Rio Kahuna LT indicator material built into the butt section of the leader. See the image of the leader diagram for a visual presentation of the completed product.

You get all the benefits of having a more traditional strike indicator, while not having any detriment to the casting ability due to added weight or air resistance that separate indicators may provide.

Simply attach 12"-36" of tippet to the tippet ring and you're ready to go!

- 20" -20# Maxima Chameleon
- 3"- 15# Maxima Chameleon (with 1/2" section of indicator)
- 17"- 15# Maxima Chameleon
- 20"- 12# Maxima Chameleon
- 24"- 3x soft tippet material
- Tippet Ring

Fly box and rod not included. 

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