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Ultralight Roll Top Dry Bags

Ultralight Roll Top Dry Bags

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Hilltop Packs made these ultra-light dry bags hit the sweet spot between durability, weight, and strength out of DTRS75 ECOPACK fabric. The DTRS75 fabric has an abrasion-resistant outer layer with a waterproofing layer on the inside. Coupling the waterproof nature of DTRS75 with taped seams and a properly rolled top, these bags are virtually waterproof, a necessity for keeping your clothes, quilts, or sleeping bags dry while in the backcountry.

FYI these bags are not designed to be used as a food bag or hung from a tree. Does not include a hanging tab.

For reference only: Here is a 15*F sleeping bag stored in a Jumbo Plus bag. 


  • Large - 11" x 16.5"  (1.230oz) (7-8 Liters) 7.5 Liters
  • Jumbo - 12.25" x 22.25" (1.46oz) 11 Liters
  • Jumbo PLUS 13.5" x 23.5" (1.621oz) 15 Liters


Hilltop Packs backpacking and hiking gear is proudly made in Southwestern Pennsylvania!

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